The 5 Element Smoothie

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-1 Lemon
– Sweet Fruits
– Salt brine
– Cayenne
– Quality Water
– Flax Oil
– Klamath Blue Green Algae or Power 3+

  1. 5 Element Smoothie RecipeTake a whole lemon for a large smoothie (20-24 oz.) or half a lemon for a smaller one.
  2. Peel off the thick yellow part of the skin and eliminate the tough fibrous core but leave some of the white skin and the seeds. These add precious oils and antioxidants.
  3. Put the lemon in the blender with sweet fruits, for example one pear and two bananas for one lemon. Experiment and find the ratios you like best.
  4. Add one teaspoon of brine (half a teaspoon for a smaller smoothie), a pinch of cayenne and of course, high quality water. Do not use tap water.
  5. Blend to a creamy consistency.
  6. Add one teaspoon of flax oil and blend for a few more seconds.
  7. Consume immediately and take a few tablets or capsules of blue green algae with it, or you can add one teaspoon (1 gram, or more) powder.

Since flax oil is extremely volatile, we recommend to only using it within the first eight weeks of the pressing date, which some companies put on their labels. Drinks with flax oil should always be consumed immediately and not allowed to sit around.

If you want this smoothie to be tremendously beneficial for you, I strongly recommend the use of organically grown fruits. Also I advise against using other ingredients out of habit. Some people are used to putting bottled juices or ice into a smoothie, but this will diminish the effect. If you find the right proportions of the mentioned ingredients, you will probably be surprised how good it tastes.

People with hypoglycemia who are usually advised to stay away from sweet fruits can have this smoothie without problems. Blending sweet fruits with flax oil slows down the assimilation of the fruit sugar and prevents blood sugar crashes. Enjoy!

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