Biotite is a liquid water purification system.

Just by adding a few drops of Biotite to a glass of water, you can be assured of getting pure, clean water to drink, anytime, anywhere. Biotite is a remarkable liquid containing ionic sulfate minerals that react to the impurities in water no matter what they are, reducing and/or eliminating contaminants such as petrochemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, chlorines, fluorides, etc.

For pennies a day, Biotite cleans water and provides an optimum environment for proper hydration.

Instead of spending a lot of money buying those PET water bottles from the supermarket or natural food store, Biotite will ensure that there’s clean water to drink–on the road, in the office, at home or out in the mountains.

Saving all those PET water bottles from going into the landfill by using Biotite reduces waste, cleans the environment, reduces conspicuous consumption and saves money all at the same time. One quart of Biotite, on average, saves over 3000, 16oz water bottles from the waste stream and purifying one gallon of water, costs about $0.28.

Biotite can be used for drinking water, baths, cooking, pools, hot tubs, spas and anywhere else water is used. It’s effects last up to eight months, so a little goes a long way.

Biotite Water Purification

Biotite 2oz Minerals

Biotite H3O2


Biotite 16oz Minerals

Biotite H3O2


Biotite 32oz Minerals

Biotite H3O2


Biotite Filtration System + 2oz Biotite

Biotite H3O2


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