biotite - a revolutionary way to restore drinking water

The Fourth Phase of Water

A Concentrate of Liquid Crystal Minerals

Just by adding a few drops, you can have pure water, any place, any time

Biotite is a concentrate of powerful negatively-charged ionic minerals that attract the positively charged contaminants which are then bonded and transformed into inert, inactive compounds. At the same time, a portion of the oxygen in the treated water is released making it available for even more powerful reactions that oxygenate, clean and purify the treated water.

This process also structures the treated water making it wetter for better hydration. In addition, microbiological contamination is either reduced or completely eliminated from the treated water. Using one quart of Biotite Concentrate could keep as many as 4000 plastic drinking water bottles out of the landfill and at the other end, the use of Biotite Concentrate significantly reduces environmental pollution from production of PET plastic. Adding a small amount of Biotite Concentrate to water is easy and cost effective. A little goes a long way.

Biotite Concentrate comes in two convenient sizes; 2 oz. for travel and 32 oz. Whether you’re on-the-go, in the office, hiking in the mountains, running a 10K or relaxing at home, Biotite Concentrate guarantees that you’ll have vital, clean, water at hand for pennies a day.

Some Other Uses Of Biotite Concentrate:

  • Sanitizer – sanitizes and softens your hands. Sanitizes surfaces too.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Wash
  • Detoxifying Foot Bath
  • Add to spas, jacuzzis & whirlpools
  • Add to fish tanks, bath water & swimming pools.
  • Gardening
  • Camping
  • First aid kits

biotite water purification systemsSome Simple Water Facts & Figures

Water covers over two-thirds of the Earth’s surface but less than one percent of that water is drinkable. Of that, according to water researchers, only a tiny fraction is not polluted with one or more of the 140,000 plus chemicals known to contaminate water. Even bottled waters sometimes contain various pollutants. (As a general rule, state laws only require testing for one or two-dozen substances.)

Municipal water supplies (tap water) usually contain chlorine’s, fluoride, ammonia compounds and/or chloramines. Filtering water requires stand-alone equipment, like a distiller or a purification system, neither of which is portable. Water that is transported long distances through metal and/or plastic pipes before getting to the faucet, has become unstructured from all the pressure, piping and jostling and when unstructured, it can’t hydrate nearly as well as when it’s structured. All natural water sources like rivers and lakes are composed of structured water but unfortunately, these sources are also contaminated.

How It Works

The powerful ionic sulfate minerals in Biotite Structured Water Concentrate have a strong, negative charge. They naturally attract the positively charged pollutants in water. Oxygen is activated which assists in the purification process and the water takes on a crystalline structure. Dr. Pollack has shown that all our cells are surrounded by this fourth phase of water.

If you’re accustomed to buying bottled water, the cost savings and the environmental savings are huge when you consider that: One 32oz bottle of Biotite Concentrate can produce as much as 400 gallons of pure water, which can be put into one bottle, over and over again. No matter what the level or type of contamination, adding just a few drops of Biotite Concentrate will ensure the water is clean and crystal clear.

Considering how important pure water is, shouldn’t you be using Biotite Concentrate?

The Properties of Structured Water

According to noted water scientist, Dr. Gerald Pollack, structured water is really the only water to be used for drinking. This is because it has both liquid and crystalline properties and powers only guessed at until recently. Dr. Pollack has shown that these properties are essential and without them, there would be no life on Earth.

He calls this type of water, Exclusion Zone, or EZ water because it excludes (or drops out) contaminants and impurities at the same time it hydrates.

How does regular water become structured from the addition of the Biotite Concentrate?
To understand this, we need to first explain that water responds to everything around it. For example, when it’s hit by sunlight, say, in a creek or riverbed, it picks up the photonic energy from the sunlight and begins to get structured because it’s being energized. There are many other ways that it responds too. It will begin to get structured from the warmth of infrared energy or from the minerals it comes in contact with on a streambank or when it’s coursing underground and picks up the paramagnetic influences of tiny rock fragments that are being rubbed by the watercourse as it passes by heading downstream. Water also starts getting structured from contact with organic substances. For example, autumn leaves falling on a pond and breaking down from microbial action or the effect of wind, rain, snow and the moon, all have effects on the water. In a sense, some have said that water is “alive” because like other lifeforms, it’s constantly responding to the environment in which it is found.

Now that we’ve mentioned some of these energetic effects on the water, we come to a delivery system for structuring when the water is treated with Biotite Concentrate. The highly charged ionic minerals in the concentrate cause the water being treated to create an organized structure but in this case, it’s a far stronger reaction than the effects of sunlight or infrared frequencies. The organized structure, in this case, is a hexagonal polyhedron with a repeating pattern in which oxygen atoms are always found in a specific relationship to the hydrogen atoms and the hydrogen atoms are also always found in a repeating pattern and relationship to the oxygen. The structure is in three dimensions and remains stable for extremely long periods of time even under unusual ambient circumstances, like cold weather or high humidity. So what this all boils down to is simply that the strong electrical potential of the ionic charges in the concentrate, organize the bulk, unstructured water into a coherent, repeating structure. A simple analogy is what we see again and again in Nature. For example, bees swarm, build a hive and create a hexagonal structure because of all their energy being directed in a very organized pattern. Biotite does the same thing to water. And this is a completely natural effect because it’s a mimic of what happens from all the influences mentioned before–sunlight, warmth, rocks, minerals and so on. But because the concentrate is highly charged, the structuring effect is much stronger and faster.

General Usage Directions

Bearing in mind that the amount needed varies according to the degree of contamination of the water being treated, these directions give an average amount per unit of treated water.

Use: Approximately 1 tsp per gallon of water. Stir or agitate. Allow to sit for 16-24 hours if cloudiness immediately occurs, about one hour otherwise.

Use as little as 1/2tsp if your water has been purified, and possibly 1 tsp or more if it’s from a tap or any questionable source, and/or to quicken the process. Harmless sediment may occur, which can either be safely ingested, filtered*, discarded or poured on houseplants or garden crops.

Biotite is a liquid concentrate that comes from a naturally occurring crystalline mineral compound called biotite. Biotite deposits are found in many places on the surface of the Earth. When biotite, produced by volcanic eruptions, comes in contact with seawater, it produces acids which structure and purify water. Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals mimics this natural process to create a liquid that has the same remarkable properties. It purifies, structures and vitalizes water, activating the oxygen within the water and either reducing or eliminating impurities at the same time. Biotite Reduces or Eliminates Chlorine, Fluoride, Ammonia, Nitrates, Petrochemicals, Heavy Metals, E. Coli, Pseudomonas, Chloramines, Hexavalent Chrominum, Volatile Organics, Radioactive Iodine 131

Please Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure any disease. These products have not been approved by the FDA.