The PLUS is powerful and diverse Now with Marine Phytoplankton added!

“…the biological information learned routinely by the blue-green algae is information that the human race needs in order to survive. For instance it might take us millions of years to develop genetic information that would allow us to adapt to excess radiation; blue-green algae would adapt to it in a few months. When we eat the algae we then have access to that information and knowledge of adaptation to our surrounding environment.” Research scientist Daryl Kollman wrote this in his book, “Hope is a Molecule.”

From the beginning of time the survival of algae was threatened by a variety of severe earth changes. Algae overcame them, and thrived to become the parent of all plants and animals on earth. Thousands of life forms today rely on algae’s complete nutritional profile for all of their dietary needs.

It’s no wonder the human body reacts so positively to this simple complete and highly absorbable food. People who consume blue green algae have a variety of things to say about it. But many say they simply feel much better, have more energy, feel lighter, have less illness, and enjoy an elevated mood.

“These micro-algae contain an astounding array of nutritional elements: vitamins, macrominerals, trace minerals, essential fatty acids, protein, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), chlorophyll, and a vast spectrum of phytochemicals. You could literally live off these micro-algae. You wouldn’t need to eat much, either, since they are so nutritionally dense.” Supplements for Optimum Health Chlorella and Spirulina, by Mike Adams (Truth Publishing)

The vast majority of Americans suffer from nutritional deficiencies in magnesium, zinc, calcium, the B Vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids. Micro-algae provides these nutrients in almost the perfect ratio needed by the human body.

All these nutrients are in their natural form in POWER 3+, already chelated and combined with other nutrients that work together for maximum absorption by the body.  Unlike vitamin supplements, you won’t have to be concerned about the dosage either, because these algae are “food in their natural form,” no more dangerous than eating spinach.

“The only truly natural vitamins are those that come from foods. They are available in nutritional supplements as highly nutritious, concentrated foods; powdered concentrates of foods and herbs with the moisture removed; and an isolated component of a food. Sources of these include…wheat-grass juice, freshwater algae (blue-green algae, chlorella, spirulina), sea vegetables such as kelp, enzymes, wheat-germ oil, and minerals from ancient sea, clay, or vegetation beds.” Home Safe Home by Debra Lynn Dadd

P3+-500-CAPS-914pxPOWER 3+ is a great way to satisfy dietary protein requirement

The protein in POWER 3+ is a glycol-protein. It’s just what your body needs to assimilate protein directly into your system. POWER 3+ contains about 60% of this high quality protein. This is a complete protein, because it contains all eight essential amino acids. POWER 3+ can be used by vegetarians to replace or supplement a high percentage of their vegetable protein requirements. These proteins can be taken in much lower quantities since the nutrients from algae are assimilated into the body more completely, because of their minute particle size.

Natural weight loss occurs when the body is supplied with the nutrients it craves

If the body is satiated it stops looking for other sources of sustenance. The balanced nutrients in micro-algae can reduce the craving for sweets and carbohydrates.

Micro-algae satisfy:

  • Magnesium– reduces cravings for chocolate sweets
  • Protein – high quality protein in this superfood blocks the hypoglycemic appetite craving
  • Vitamins – When more nutrition is supplied readily to the body it quiets hunger signals.

A malfunctioning endocrine system results in excess insulin distribution causing strong cravings, which are hard to ignore. These cravings can be dramatically reduced when the body receives the nutrients it needs. If a diet of refined foods, hydrogenated oils, sugar, and more, is continued out of habit alone, the body will not benefit as much as it would if these foods were eliminated.

One of the keys to weight loss is to change your diet to one of balanced whole natural foods and away from refined foods. When POWER 3+ is added to your diet, you feed the endocrine system, helping to bring bodily systems back into balance. Regular exercise should also be incorporated if someone is serious about weight loss. A noticeable reduction in excess body weight should be the result.

High acidity is a major problem with the typical North American diet.

Meat and dairy are highly acidic foods. Nearly all refined foods made with refined sugars, white rice and white flour are acidic as well. Soft drinks and most processed fruit drinks are quite acidic. Acidic foods create a pH imbalance in the body, which helps deplete bone mass.

In an attempt to create a more alkaline state in the blood, the body pulls alkaline minerals like calcium out of the bones to neutralize the highly acidic foods consumed.

The naturally high alkalinity of the algae in Power 3+ helps to balance the body’s pH levels by neutralizing and eliminating the excess acid.

Blue green algae doesn’t cure anything. It helps fortify the body so it has the ammunition to protect itself from diseases…as it was designed to do by nature.

ORGANIC SPIRULINA –High Anti-Oxidant and Nutrient Content Helps Protect the Body from Disease

Our Spirulina is Certified Organic, and of the highest quality available on earth!

Spirulina is an amazing micro-algae containing more calcium than mother’s milk, more protein than meat (between 50-70 percent total), also containing all the essential amino-acids, and is up to 90 percent digestible by the body, giving it a very high protein efficiency ratio. Spirulina also includes B Vitamins, with exceptionally high B-12 (four times as much as raw liver), Vitamin K and many others. B-12 is especially important for vegans since it’s main sources are found in animal products.

The important phytopigments: phycocyanin, chlorophyll, and abundant carotenoids are also part of spirulina’s make-up. The minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, manganese, potassium and zinc are found in impressive percentages in spirulina. Spirulina is also rich in natural organic iodine, found to be important for proper thyroid and adrenal function. Iodine is also one of the nutrients deficient in most of the North American population.

Wild spirulina grows in the alkaline lakes of Mexico and can be found on the African continent as well. Today it’s commercially grown all over the world.

Spirulina, a well known blue-green cyanobacteria micro-algae, dates back over three billion years. Spirulina boasts over 60% protein, complete with all eight essential amino acids, similar to Klamath blue green algae.

“Spirulina is a natural, easily assimilated complete protein. It’s one of nature’s highest source of chlorophyll pigment, rich in such chelated minerals as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium, a fine source of vitamin A and B-complex vitamins, and it contains phenylalaine, which acts on the brain’s appetite center to decrease hunger pangs – while also keeping your blood sugar levels at the proper level.” Earl Mindell’s “Vitamin Bible”

Most of the important vitamins are found in spirulina. It stimulates the immune system to produce new blood cells promoting a healthy immune system.

The organic spirulina in our POWER 3+ is highly digestible and assimilable, because its cell wall contains no cellulose, but instead is a soft mucopolysaccharide. People with digestive difficulties find Spirulina a valuable food source. Dieters value spirulina for its low fat, sugar and calorie content, while still feeling physically and nutritionally satisfied.

Research studies have shown that Spirulina has many beneficial disease preventing properties.

This amazing micro-algae contains phycocyanin, widely known as a blood builder, and it also shows potent anti-viral activity. Other powerful pigments in Spirulina are high levels of Chlorophyll, and the orange-yellows of Carotenoids and Beta-Carotene. Spirulina amazingly, has eight times the Vitamin A (Beta-carotene) found in Klamath Blue Green Algae(AFA). Chlorophyll helps the body to produce more red blood cells, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients, which reach the cells.

ORGANIC CHLORELLA – Helps Detoxify the Body of Contaminants

Our Organic Cracked-Cell Wall Chlorella is grown in the purest of controlled environments. We are proud to include this outstanding high quality grade Chlorella in our Power 3+ Algae Blend, with its highly digestible and assimilable qualities.

Experts say Chlorella is the highest source of chlorophyll, which is well known as a blood builder and stimulator of red blood cells. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Chlorella is also one of the highest known food sources for nucleic acids RNA and DNA. Nucleic acids are beneficial in repairing damaged genetic material in cells, maintaining health and slowing down the aging process

Like the other two algae in POWER 3+, this Organic Cracked-Cell Wall Chlorella is high in protein (60%) rich in essential amino acids, B-complex vitamins including B-12, C, E, K, beta-carotene, and a wide spectrum of minerals.

Unique to Chlorella is an amazing healing substance called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF).

CGF is a physiologically activating substance containing a peptide-nucleotide complex, amino acids, polysaccharides, and other derivatives. It has been shown to dramatically accelerate growth in organisms and promote the healing of damaged tissue.

We are ALL exposed to toxic chemicals, no matter where we live. Chlorella helps detoxify the body by helping to neutralize and remove poisonous substances such as heavy metals, dioxin, PCB’s and daily radiation from electrical equipment. It binds with them and helps transport them out of the body.

It has been found to aid in healthy liver function, and improve digestion by stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. It’s the mucopolysaccharides in Chlorella that bind with environmental toxins and carry them safely out of the body.

Many people are concerned about heavy metals in algae products. Not only is our Chlorella Organic, but we test every blend for heavy metals, and microbal issues, before it’s bottled. This is a top quality product, which we use ourselves, and we are proud to share with you.

Marine Phytoplankton is an Essential Microscopic Food Source, on Which Virtually the Entire Planet Depends

All creatures at the bottom of the marine food chain rely on Marine Phytoplankton. Without these tiny creatures, there would be no life on earth. From the tiniest to the largest of marine creatures, the whales, Marine Phytoplankton is for the most part, the main food on their menu.

Marine Phytoplankton was not able to be digested by the human population until now! A process was perfected to break down the protective silicon shells of the phytoplankton. The proprietary processing of this pure blend of phytoplankton makes it a vital nutrient-packed, 100% vegetarian ingredient, in our Power 3+ product.

This new proprietary and exclusive harvesting method takes natural marine phytoplankton communities containing a “complete suite” of marine and trace elements, identical to what’s found in the human body, and puts them into a controlled environment. Strict quality control and testing methods ensure the highest quality. It also assures that pathogens, toxins, heavy metals and other contamination are eliminated.

The resulting concentrated paste contains hundreds of species of mostly the nutrient rich Bacillariophyceae classification, also called diatoms. This proprietary harvesting method and technology, separates the tough silicate walls of the marine phytoplankton to release the nutrients encapsulated within to the body. This makes the nutrients immediately bioavailable. Without this process, these nutrients would simply pass through the body without the full benefit.

Many feel uplifted and energized immediately!

After the farm production and harvesting, the Marine Phytoplankton goes to a cGMP certified phytopharmaceutical manufacturer in British Columbia, Canada. Here it’s further concentrated, sanitized and stabilized for safe human consumption.

Marine phytoplankton has an unusually broad nutritional profile, thus it contains important nutrients that are not available from any other food source. Phytoplankton nourishes the body at the cellular level, helping to repair any damaged communication between cells caused by a lack of nutrients or a poor diet. Each individual Diatom specie provides a wide spectrum of nutrients including vitamins, amino acids(protein), rare trace elements, minerals, and cellular materials needed to achieve and maintain a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

  • KLAMATH BLUE GREEN, AFA – Known for its Amazing Nutritional and Neurological Benefits
  • SPIRULINA MICRO ALGAE – High Anti-Oxidant and Vitamin Content
  • CHLORELLA MICRO ALGAE – Proven to Help Detoxify the Body of Contaminants
  • MARINE PHYTOPLANKTON – Highly Nutrient Dense and Easily Digestible in Our Blend

This product doesn’t cure anything. It helps to provide your body with what it’s missing so it can naturally, protect itself from disease.