15 05, 2015

What products do you offer in the marketplace?

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Currently, we offer three products, listed here:
A 2oz bottle of Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals: This is a travel size that will fit into a pocket or purse. The travel size has a dropper included so no matter where you might be or the circumstances, you can put a few drops into any water that’s available and ensure that it’s clean and pure. The cost of a 2oz bottle is $19.95
A 32oz bottle of Biotite Liquid Crystal Minerals: This is the large, family size and costs less per ounce so saves money too. Some people like to have the 2oz dropper bottle that they refill from the 32oz size. And remember that in either case, although Biotite liquid is very shelf stable, it should be kept out of direct sunlight. The cost of a 32oz bottle is $109.95
The Mountain Spring Filtration System: This system has significant advantages over other purification systems. First of all, the design uses gravity to feed water through the filter network and therefore, it doesn’t need electricity to run. Usually, no matter how much a filter system costs, the far greater cost is in running it, either using electricity directly in order to operate or indirectly, because the system requires water pressure which can only be produced by a water pump that requires electricity to operate. Second, the Mountain Spring system filters down to 0.2 microns. A micron is technically defined as a billionth of a meter. As a result, the Mountain Spring system, when properly used, cleans down to an extremely small particle size. Third, the system uses several different technologies all in one unit because different contaminants sometimes require different approaches in filtering. The Mountain Spring Filtration System costs $199.95. Here are it’s key points:
1. Circular, free-standing unit
2. No electricity needed
3. Gravity fed
4. 0.2 micron ceramic filter
5. Multi-level natural earth filter system
6. 11.5” base X 21” tall
7. Living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mountain spring water
8. Easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to clean
9. Plastic water bottles can now be eliminated as well as the landfill waste they create
10. 2 gallon capacity
11. Filter cartridge replacement very user-friendly
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