“Another way in which the human system transforms the energies it assimilates…..is by virtue of what is known in Western science as the ‘piezoelectric effect.’ This refers to a unique property possessed by all crystalline structures, whereby any sort of vibratory or wave energy applied to a crystal structure is transformed into electromagnetic pulses. The human body contains a variety of tissues with crystalline structures within their matrix, particularly bone, connective tissue and the electrolytes in certain bodily fluids. These crystalline structures have the capacity to transduce various types of high-frequency wave energies to which they are exposed, such as light and sound, producing specific electromagnetic pulses that are conducted by the meridians and nerves and utilized by various organs and tissues of the body. This is the mechanism by which mantra, music and various sacred syllables may be used to balance and heal the body: as the sound waves vibrate through the body, crystalline structures within the tissues transform them into pulsed currents that are then conducted to various organs and glands, depending on the frequency and amplitude of the incoming wave signal.”(from The Complete Guide To Qi Gong–Transforming The Power Of The Universe by Daniel Reid)