Here’s a brief list:
As a soak/wash for produce that’s not organically grown.
As an additive to hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, whirlpools, spas, etc., because it’s completely natural, less harmful to the environment than chemicals and lasts up to eight months between uses.
As an additive to a bath because, essentially, the same compounds that are found in mineral baths and spas in Europe and many other places, are the ones in Biotite Concentrate so you can have an honest-to-goodness mineral spa right in your own bathtub, and at a tiny fraction of the usual cost.
As a replacement for chemicals that are ordinarily used for cleaning, for example, contact lens solutions or washing the kitchen countertops.
At a dilution level determined through experimentation, as a spray for houseplants or in the garden.
Biotite Concentrate can also be diluted at the rate of 1000:1 for agricultural purposes because it improves the moisture characteristics of soil. Add it to the water, stir or agitate, then water your plants.
As a foliar spray for orchards, herbs or flowers.