Mineral Mountain Salt – 1.1 lbs Rocks



1.1 Lbs | Rocks


What’s Special About This Salt?

Mineral Mountain Salt® contains natural essential minerals derived from an ancient sea bed deposit. Having been subjected to heat and pressure under the Himalayan Mountains for 250 million years, its structure has formed into a perfect crystal, the way coal becomes a diamond.

Unlike common processed table salt, which has just two elements, sodium and chloride, Mineral Mountain Salt®  contains a balanced blue print of up to 72 minerals, trace minerals and elements, which form the basis of all life.

Directions: Use to make a brine solution for detox or as ornamental rocks

New Brine Instructions for Cellular Balance

Use a quart sized glass jar, canning jars working best, absolutely no plastic. Rinse the entire 1 pound bag of rocks and place into the jar. This should fill the jar nicely. Then fill the jar with good filtered drinking water. Cover the jar with the lid and place aside. If your jar has a metal lid then do use plastic wrap between the jar and the lid to protect it from the salt which deteriorates metal. After 24 hours the solution will reach a saturation point of approximately 26% salt and is ready to use. Start with one drop per day and build up to 1 to 2 teaspoons per day. Divide this amount up equally into all the drinking water you consume throughout the day.

Adding a little salt brine to your drinking water helps to get the water into your cells where it’s needed for cellular hydration. Using it this way will also give your body’s cells a steady supply of the trace minerals they need to function properly. This jar of brine never needs to be replaced. All that’s needed is to keep adding water every few weeks as the water level goes down from use, and to keep adding rocks when needed. Just ignore the sediment in the bottom of the jar. Do not shake. It does not need to be refrigerated and can stay on your counter permanently. For convenience keep it close by to where you fill your drinking containers.

Information on Possible Brine Detox Reactions: For some people the brine can be a powerful detoxifier when first introduced. Some signs can be rashes, cramping, diarrhea, headache, abdominal discomfort or intestinal discomfort. If any of these symptoms occur stop taking the brine immediately. Thanks and Happy Hydrating