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Our Products were designed using the best quality Superfoods and ingredients to create designer health food products. Our Klamath Blue Green Algae and Himalayan Mineral Mountain Salt are the bases that we build off of to create all of our other products. We now offer a line of chocolate products and new Mineral Mountain Salt hygiene products.

This month there is an ‘In-House Specials’ only sale on Mint Chocolates.
MUST CALL for details please call (530) 926-6684 or (877) 769-3796. While supplies last
To get the sale price you MUST enter the coupon code from our VIP email into the cart during checkout. IF you do NOT enter the code into the cart you will NOT receive the sale price. IF you are not a member of our VIP mailing list then sign up by going to the bottom right corner of our site and enter your email. Happy Shopping!  **IMPORTANT** If you do not recieve your VIP email please check your SPAM/JUNK BOX and white list our from address:


We HIGHLY recommend you purchase an ice pack with your chocolate order between May 1st – November 1st due to hot weather conditions across the United States. Our Offices are located in Northern California and most items will be sent via major shipping outlets to Sacramento, California for sorting.

Ice packs are automatically added to your shopping cart when you add any  chocolate product.  If you decide to remove the ice packs from your chocolate order we cannot guarantee chocolate will not melt if Ice Packs are not ordered!

Also if your order contains chocolate we will only ship on Monday’s and Tuesday’s so that orders are not being held in a warehouse over the weekend.

MUST sign up for VIP mailing list to receive Sale Pricing!

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