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Mint Berry Clarity Chocolate - Raw chocolate

*Chocolate and Blue Green Algae both contain Phenylethylamine, which is a naturally occurring feel good neurotransmitter in the brain.Blue Green Algae is a micro-nutrient dense whole food with an amazing array of vitamins and minerals. It also has 60% highly bioavailable glycoprotein with a complete essential amino acid profile.*ALL BALANCED BY NATURE.


Wild Blueberries
Nature’s Anti-Oxidant Superfruit
Hemp Seeds
The Compete Fatty Acid Food
Raw Cacao Nibs
The Food of the Gods
Mesquite Powder
The Desert’s Primal Essence
The Sexy Adaptagen from the Andes Mountains
Coconut Oil
The Tree of Life from the Tropics
Peppermint Oil
Ignite Your Senses and Your Day
Mineral Mountain Salt™
Himalayan Essential Minerals

• No Gluten• Wheat Free• Non-GMO• Dairy Free• Sweetened with Pure Evaporated Cane Juice


We HIGHLY recommend you purchase an ice pack with your chocolate order between May 1st – November 1st due to hot weather conditions across the United States. Our Offices are located in Northern California and most items will be sent via major shipping outlets to Sacramento, California for sorting.

Ice packs are automatically added to your shopping cart when you add any  chocolate product.  If you decide to remove the ice packs from your chocolate order we cannot guarantee chocolate will not melt if Ice Packs are not ordered!

Also if your order contains chocolate we will only ship on Monday’s and Tuesday’s so that orders are not being held in a warehouse over the weekend.

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Mint Berry Clarity Chocolates

A Delicious Way to Add Algae and Other Super Foods to Your Child’s Diet!

Not only are these chocolates delicious, they’re energizing and filling. Why? Because they give you the vital nutrients your body craves. When the body is satisfied, it doesn’t look any further for more nutrition…unless you allow habits to dictate your diet.

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